Leave time

Users can use ManicTime server to record their time off. Whether they are on vacation, sick or on paternity leave, this can be recorded in ManicTime.

Setting up leave types

Administrators can setup various leave types in Administration, Leave types.

There they can add leave types which users can then use.

Who can see leave

Every user can see leave time of all other users.

Adding leave time

The easiest way to add leave is on Leave, Personal view or on Leave, Team view. On both charts you can do this by dragging on the charts to select time.

After you stop dragging, a window will show up where you can select the leave type.

A user can also click on Add leave button instead of dragging and enter the date range manually.

View leave for all users

To view leave times for all users, go to Leave, Team view. Your leave will be on top, then you can also pin and reorder users which are important to you. To find leave time for specific user, use filter above the names.

Add/edit leave for all users

User who have "Content editor" permission (in Administration, Permissions) can add/edit leave for other users.

To add/edit leave for other users, make sure you have "Content editor" permission, then go to Leave, Team view. There you can select date range for any user and add leave time.

View leave on "Attendance and leave" report

If you select only Leave on Attendance and leave report, all leave time for users will be shown on the same chart. The darker the red, the more users have leave time on that days.

Leave approval

Administrator can set that all leaves need to be approved. This can be enabled in Administration, Leave.

When leave approval is enabled all leaves need to be approved by one of the users in the role "Content editor".

When users create a new leave, they will have an option to select which user in "Content editor" role can approve the request.

Content administrators will see a new Leave request menu entry, where they can Approve or Deny requests.

If request is denied, content administrator can enter optional deny reason which will be seen by the user. If email is configured, content administrators will receive email when new leave is waiting for approval. Users will get an email when leave is approved or denied.

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