Android application is most useful if you are already tagging your time with ManicTime and you would also like to capture your time while you are away from the office. To use it, you must have ManicTime Server installed, it will not work as a standalone application.
Android application enables you to tag your time with a stopwatch (you can also manually add tags for past work).

Tags are then transferred to the server. On the server you can then:
  • view or modify tags in Personal, Tag time.

  • view phone calls timeline, which helps you create accurate tags based on your calls.

  • view statistics

View or modify tags

Open a browser and visit ManicTime server, go to Personal, Tag time. Tags timeline will be the first one, you can click on a tag and make changes. Changes will then be synced back to your Android device.

View phone calls timeline

You can also view phone calls timeline in Personal, Tag time. You can use the data to make accurate tags. You can also import Phone calls timeline to your desktop ManicTime and use it there.

View statistics

Currently there are no statistics in the Android application. You can use ManicTime Server for that as well. Filter source by user's Server tags, then you can use Drill down or Timesheet reports to see tag statistics for your Android device.