How to transfer data to other computer?

  1. On old machine
    Open ManicTime, then click Tools -> Backup and restore -> Backup now to backup the database.  Choose to backup both ManicTimeReports database and screenshots.  Keep the generated file, you will need it on the new machine to restore the data.

  2. On new machine
    Install ManicTime on new machine. Start the app, enter your license (you can also use Trial or Free license for restore), then click Tools -> Backup and restore -> Restore and point to backed up file.
    After restore is completed you will need to enter your license one more time.

What to do if ManicTime is no longer running on the old machine?

  1. If ManicTime is no longer running on the old machine, we suggest you copy this folder with all its contents:

  2. On target machine:

  • Install ManicTime and start it.

  • Once it starts, exit by right clicking on ManicTime icon in task tray (near the clock in bottom right part)

  • Find folder


    remove all content and replace it with content from the old machine.

  • Start ManicTime