Zoom configuration

You only need to configure this if you are hosting ManicTime Server yourself. This does not apply if you are using ManicTime Cloud.

The first thing you will need to do is go to Zoom Developer platform and register an app.

Create an App

Now you need to create a new app. On the left top side click Build App.

Then a screen with different App types will open. You need to select OAuth App and click create.

Zoom choose app type

Then a window will open, where you will need to choose an app name, app type and whether you would like to publish this app. Choose User-managed app and that you will not publish app to Zoom App Marketplace.

Create app

After that, you will need to enter some fields. Go to the Activation tab and you will see a list, what you need to do. Do everything on the list except Redirect URL for Oauth. Every field is functionally not important except Scopes. For Adding scopes go to scopes tab and click + Add scopes and add View your meetings scope. And then click Done.

Fill required data

Next, you will add a Redirect uri from ManicTime Server Zoom configuration to your app on Zoom developer platform. In the ManicTime server you will see a list of possible redirect Uris. Normally the first is correct, otherwise one of the other specified should work (You will be able to test the configuration, which we cover later in the article). So copy the Redirect uri from ManicTime Server to the Redirect URL for OAuth field on the App Credentials tab. And do not forget to also copy it to the Add allow lists field a little further down on the web page.

Copy from ManicTime Server
Copy to Zoom developer platform

Then you need to copy Client ID and Secret from your App at Zoom developer platform to ManicTime Server Zoom configuration.

Copy from Zoom developer platform
Copy to ManicTime Server Zoom configuration

That is it. Now you only need to save the configuration, or you can click Test connection to see if the connection is set properly and then save it.

If you click Test connection, you will go through the authentication process, like all users who will try to connect to Zoom.

Test Connection

Firstly you will see a screen, where you need to authenticate.

When you click connect, you will be taken to a screen, where you need to authenticate with Zoom and allow access to Zoom.

Enter your Zoom account email and password

Hopefully that the next screen you will see will be green which means that everything is working as it should, otherwise you can contact ManicTime Support and we will be happy to help you.

Success screen

Deleting or editing configuration

You can change Client Id or Secret in Connections configuration next to Zoom click edit. Any changes to Client Id or Secret will delete existing connections for all users.

If you delete the configuration all users data will be also deleted.