Productivity and categories

For each application and website you can define whether it is productive/unproductive and assign it into a category of your choice.

Assign applications and web sites to productive/unproductive or category

Permissions required to make changes to productivity or category assignment:

  • Content editor
  • Administrator
  • on personal cloud, each user can do this for themselves.

To assign application or website go to Administration -> Productivity. Data is presented in three tabs:

  • Unassigned - list of application and websites which do not have both productivity and category defined
  • Assigned - list of applications and websites which have both productive and category assigned
  • Categories - a list of categories. Here you can add, edit or delete categories

If you do not wish to assign specific application or website, you can choose Ignore in the dropdown for productivity and categories.

Team/user specific assignment

Sometimes you want to have different assignment for specific teams, like should be productive for Marketing team. To do that, find, then click on Edit link on the same line, then "Add team or user assignment".

Because a user can be in multiple teams, you can set a primary team for a user in Administration, Users. In case of conflicts, primary team settings will win.

View productivity or categories

To view productivity, visit Teams -> Productivity.

To view categories, visit Teams -> Categories.