Where is data stored?

By default database is stored in folder:


From ManicTime, you can open this folder by going to Tools and settings -> Advanced -> Open DB folder.

Database is in files ManicTimeCore.db and ManicTimeReports.db (SQLite format).

Changing database location

If you would like to keep the database in different location, do the following:

  1. Open ManicTime, go to Tools, Advanced, Open database folder.
  2. Exit ManicTime.
  3. download this file. Edit the file with the location you want and copy it to Program files (x86)/ManicTime. It needs to be named ManicTimeSettings.xml.
  4. Copy all the files and sub-folders in the folder which opened in step 1 to the new location you chose in step 3
  5. Start ManicTime

You can also use the Portable (USB) version. In this case program files and database will be kept in the same folder. To use Portable (USB) version, download the file, extract it to some folder and run ManicTime.exe. Database will be located in the Data sub-folder.