Which license to choose?

Want to use ManicTime in a company or for a team? Read about licenses here.

Individual users

We offer on premise license (ManicTime Pro) and a cloud subscription.

On premise license (ManicTime Pro)

What do you get

With on premise license you get:

  • all features of ManicTime Windows version
  • you can run ManicTime Server (optional)
  • you can also use Mac and Linux versions

How does it work

Professional license will work forever on versions released within a year. After a year you can continue using old version for as long as you like or renew for another year. If you renew before the year is up, we offer 50% discount.

With this license, all data remains on your hardware. If you like, you can install your own ManicTime Server, but this is optional.

You can buy license here.

You can renew old license here.

Who is it for

It is great for non-technical users, who only wish to use all features in ManicTime for Windows and don't need to connect multiple machines with ManicTime Server.

It is great for technical individual users, who would like to connect multiple machines with ManicTime Server.

How much is it

License is per user, so number of users = number of licenses. To get the price of the license, you can go here and enter the number of users.


We offer discounts for students aged 27 or under and retirees - 80%. If you apply for a discount, you can use the product for non-commercial purposes only.

To apply for a discount send us an email at support@manictime.com and please include something which shows that you are currently a student (just an university email is not enough).

We also offer 50% discount to faculty from educational institutions (high schools, colleges, and universities).

Cloud subscription

What do you get

With Cloud subscription you get:

  • all features of ManicTime Windows version
  • ManicTime Server, which we manage for you
  • Mac version
  • Linux version

How does it work

License works while subscription is active. Once subscription is no longer active, you can not use ManicTime any more.
If you are a single user, choose "For individual use". In this plan you can not add other users, so it is just for one person.

Who is it for

Cloud subscription is great for individual users and companies who do not want to run their own ManicTime Server. It requires no technical knowledge.

How much is it

You pay monthly or yearly and the price is based on the number of users. You can see the price per user per period here.


We offer no discounts with the cloud version.

Free license

You can use free version of ManicTime for Windows in any setting.